10 Best Indoor Plant Stands in India 2022 [For Multiple Plants]

Gardening is not just a hobby today but it is a necessity for better living. The more plants you have around you, the more it makes the surroundings clean and healthy. The best way to have multiple plants in your indoor garden is to make use of the indoor plant stands. You will prefer to have the elegantly designed stylish indoor plant stands around you at home or office.

In India, the awareness to grow trees and plants is increasing. Most of the urban as well the rural areas across India have started growing trees. In most residential and commercial places too, the plants and flowers have become part of the households, offices, hotels, and hospitals. Even government policies have changed and are encouraging the citizens to either grow or protect the trees and plants around.

Indoor gardening in India

The plant stands are made of sturdy durable metal and also of long-lasting wood. The plant stands with an innovative look and well-polished design are considered decorative pieces and become a part of the home or office interior decor. Most people and nature lovers don’t get enough space to plant trees or to spend time in gardens. So the designer plant stands are the most ideal for having some plants, trees, and flowers around us.

Most people in India have started using the spaces around the homes like – balconies, terraces, open passages, and patios to start planting the trees and taking care of indoor gardens with the help of the most useful indoor plant stands. It has a positive effect on the environment during the year 2021.

Indoor Plant Stands India

Some various brands and companies offer high-quality plant stands. The plant stands are made to accommodate inside the homes and in a limited area of the residential areas and the commercial places. The elegant look of the indoor stand along with fresh green plants and colorful flowers always bring positivity in your lives.

Best Buy Indoor Plant Stands in India

Following given set of nicely designed indoor plant stands can be placed in the indoors or outdoors of homes or offices to have a natural look and vigorous atmosphere.

1. TrustBasket Aster Planter Stand

TrustBasket Aster Planter Stand 

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Are you looking for an idea to bring a modern look to your home or office and bring a change in the atmosphere? The TrustBasket stands have become common today to put various plants into the stylish designer stands and place them at the proper place. You can put the Tulsi plant and many other flowers together in the open area around your house or on the balcony.

The nicely designed planter stands are made of sturdy solid metal and remain stable even after holding many pots together. This time Sun is available in different colors but mainly in black and it can be used for home decoration and also it is useful to keep the atmosphere around you clean and healthy.

The TrustBasket planter stands are multipurpose. Apart from the pots, you can also use these stands for handbags, books, or even to place handcrafts and showpieces. It can be placed indoors or outdoors depending on the purpose and the space available.


  • Lightweight and having enough space to hold things.
  • Multipurpose usage makes it very useful.


  • Available in an only single color.

2. NAYAB Corner Shelf 

NAYAB Corner Shelf 

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The NAYAB corner shelf is nicely designed and mainly used to keep the plants along with the pots in a perfect manner at your home or office. The branded shelf with 3 step-style tiers is the most convenient to place the pots and to have a decent floral design.

The black-colored shelf looks strong and shiny. These designer shelves have become part of interior decorations and are used with convenience at homes, offices, and also in apartments. The heavy-duty metal used in the corner shelves is rust-free and coated with paint.

The NAYAB corner shelf is durable and can be used for keeping many other items systematically at home. The shelves can easily hold the medium-sized pots and allow them to grow naturally.


  • The shelves are made of rust-free strong material.
  • It helps you to decorate the house.


  • Takes time to assemble the stand.

3. The Edge Interior Studio Wooden Plant Stand 

The Edge Interior Studio Wooden Plant Stand

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Do you have enough space around your home to place the plants and to make them look decorative? The wooden plant flower display stand of Edge Interiors is one of the most decorative pieces that would bring changes to your homes or offices.

The wooden stand is made of teak wood that remains durable. The stand can be placed conveniently in and around the home. You can even place it on the balcony along with colorful flowers and plants. The Edge Interior wooden stand can help you to make a small garden in the indoors of your home or office as a part of interior décor. The wooden frame is available in a variety of sizes, structures, and colors that can perfectly suit your ideas.


  • Available in various sizes and structures.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.


  • The bottom needs to be strong.

4. Green Gardenia Iron Plant Stand/Pot Stand 

Green Gardenia Iron Plant StandPot Stand

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The Green Gardenia iron stand has an innovative design and can be used not just to place the plants but to protect the plants & flowers during the harsh summer or cold winter. The plant stand is made up of thick iron wires that mix it stronger to hold a 6 set of plants easily.

The plant stand is made up of black metal and it also has protective curved pegs that allow the stand to remain stable on the floor. The stand can also be used as a beverage dispenser stand. It is lightweight and portable.

 You can place it in the corner of your room or on the patio that can make the surroundings look graceful. For plant lovers, the elegant-looking Green Gardenia iron stand can be the most ideal piece of artwork.


  • The strong metal stand remains durable.
  • The multipurpose stand is highly useful.


  • The price of the iron stand is high.

5. Livzing Bamboo Wooden Shelf Rack Plant Stand 

Livzing Bamboo Wooden Shelf Rack Plant Stand

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It is one of the most natural and environmentally friendly products. It is made of eco-friendly material and remains moisture-free for a long time. The Livzing bamboo wooden shelf is made up of superior quality bamboo.

The shelf with a smooth finish is easy to assemble and is light in weight. The open structure of the shelf allows the plants to have air and sunshine. It helps in the natural growth of plants & flowers. The shelf can be used in a multipurpose way. It can be used in the study room to keep the books or in the kitchen.

Livzing wooden shelf can also be used in the living room by placing decorative pieces or it can be a part of your bathroom. It has a contemporary design that includes thick brackets along with wider space. The shelf is useful in holding medium and heavy pots easily.


  • A multipurpose shelf is ideal to use at home.
  • Very useful for the plants to grow naturally.


  • Not easily available in the market.

6. AKURA Metal Gardening Stand/Planter Stand 

AKURA Metal Gardening StandPlanter Stand 

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The three-step AKURa metal gardening stand is available in black in color and it can become a part of your garden. It offers enough space to hold the small and medium-sized pots along with colorful flowers and fresh green plants.

The metal gardening stand is light in weight and can be assembled easily without any difficulty. You can place the stand at your home to give an aesthetic look to the place. It can easily fit in your balcony, in the empty passages, or on the terrace. It will help you to grow plants and flowers in the limited space you have inside your home.

The stand is easily portable and can be carried to different locations easily. It can also be used for multipurpose, depending on the space and the usage. The stylish metallic plant stand is rust-free and has a 3 monthly warranty.


  • Rust free multi-purpose plant stand.
  • Easy to port and easy to maintain.


  • Not easy to assemble the stand.

7. STORE Solid Wooden Vertical Garden Plant Stand

STORE Solid Wooden Vertical Garden Plant Stand

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The STORE wooden vertical plant stand looks well-designed and gets all attention. It has a multi-layer design which is most useful. The wooden plant is made up of natural pine wood and it has a stronger base that makes it solid to use.

The vertical plant stand is mainly used for placing pots to showcase various plants & flowers. The vertically structured plant stand can be an ideal home-warming gift to your friends or neighbors.

The STORE wooden vertical plant stand can hold medium to heavy pots easily and remain stable in the corner of your home offering a grand look. It can easily fit in restricted areas of your home or office. It can be used as a decorative piece. It is portable and easy to move and can be handled easily.


  • Easy to assemble without any help.
  • Most ideal to be used at home.


  • Delivery takes a longer time.

8. Dime Store Plant Stand Flower Pot Stand 

Dime Store Plant Stand Flower Pot Stand 

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The flower pot stand offered by Dime store is one of the exceptionally designed products. It can easily fit into any limited space either inside or outside the home. It helps you to organize your place by using it to place flowers and bring changes in the atmosphere completely.

The flower pot stands when placed in the middle of the room and gets all attention. The flower pot stand looks stylish and long-lasting. It is made of metal with the Powder coated finish and that makes it look clean and shiny.

It is available in the white color which looks highly attractive. Dime Store flower pot stand can be the most suitable for indoor plants and it can be used as a part of the decoration. The stand certainly changes the surroundings.


  • A useful decorative piece.
  • More suitable for indoor plants.


  • Cannot be used for heavy plants.

9. ORCHID ENGINEERS Iron Indoor/Outdoor Flower Pot/Plant Stand 

ORCHID ENGINEERS Iron IndoorOutdoor Flower PotPlant Stand 

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Iron indoor outdoor flower pot and plant stand from Orchid Engineers is an ideal piece of item for a home garden. The people, who want to do gardening in a limited area around the homes or offices, will find the plant stand most useful.

The plant stand is black and in a set of four is available at a very reasonable price. You can place the plant stand on your balcony or terrace. You can even use the iron plant stand on the terrace as a part of limited gardening or place it in the backyard or on the patio.

The plant stand is very nicely designed. It remains rust-free and can hold small to medium-sized pots easily. It has small-sized pegs attached to the bottom that keeps it steady on the floor. It brings a lot of positive vibes across your home and offices.


  • Most ideal for indoor gardens.
  • It can hold larger and bigger pots.


  • The price is slightly higher.

10. Magic matels Metal Pot Stand

Magic matels Metal Pot Stand

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The magic matels pot stand from magic metals is a stylish stand that offers useful features and facilities for indoor gardening. The nicely furnished metal stand is made of superior quality iron.

The stand is coated in white color along with powder coating that makes it ever-lasting.

 It allows small to medium-sized pots to be placed which it can hold easily. The plant stand looks adorable and brings changes in the atmosphere around your homes or offices. It can be used as a piece of artwork while you decorate your home or office.

The magic matels metal pot stand is scratch-free and remains sturdy. The metal stand is stylish, shiny and portable. It can be moved from one place to another during parties or picnics.


  • It is a very good quality product.
  • Used for medium-sized pots.


  • Delivery takes a longer time.

What Are Good Indoor Plants?

Below, you’ll find some of the best indoor plants, such as those that take up very little space—as well as some that develop into full-fledged trees. Many of them even require little sunlight, which is essential if you have few windows in your home.

Snake plant

This cheerful succulent, which is available in a variety of various types, grows straight up, making it a wonderful choice for people who live in small apartments or homes. These plants also claimed to have the ability to purify the air in an enclosed space.

Rubber plants

The rubber plant needs the use of intense indirect light. It should only be watered when its soil is completely dry. Rubber plants also have the additional virtue of being among the most effective natural air purifiers available. Place them nearby your favorite seating place so that you can take advantage of the fresh air.

Fiddle-leaf fig 

This plant needs indirect light. You should only water this when the top of soil is completely dry. Set it in a side to create an interesting focal point in a room or hallway.

Bird of paradise

Allow this plant to grow in a sunny, bright location and it will thrive, but it may also thrive in lower light levels if given the opportunity. During the summer and springtime months, you’ll need to fertilize it frequently.

How To Choose The Best Indoor Plant Stands

Before you decide to buy a suitable indoor plant stand, think of the following given points:

1. Plants to be used

You have to make sure about the number of plants you want to use. The plant stands have to be chosen according to the requirement of the plants. You have to make sure about the plants that you need to place in your indoor garden. The plant stand can be chosen according to the plants you need to place and maintain.

2. Plant Sizes

Before you decide on the design and the size of the plant stand, you have to make sure about the sizes of various plants that you want to place inside the stand. You can study more about the plants and also about the growth of the plants, only then you can decide about the suitable plant stand to be purchased.

3. Availability of the space

The place available inside or outside your home should be confirmed before you decide to make the indoor garden. The total available area and the various places around the home should be checked. The balcony, terrace, passages, and patio can be made ready to place the plants using plant stands. It gives you an overall idea about your indoor gardening.

 4. Type of plants

You have to find out the most suitable plants that can be placed in your indoor garden. Some plants need to be placed in the sunlight and some plants can grow without being outside in the sun. You have to find the plants that can be placed inside the open area and can also be placed outside if needed. It helps you in maintaining and growing the plants well.

 5. Suitable design

The plant stands are available in various types and designs. The stands are available in various sizes too. You have to make sure about which are the designs that suit the available area of your home. The plant stands should accommodate easily in the available areas without getting congested.

 6. Material used

The plant stands are made of different materials. The material used is sturdy plastic, metal, wood, and rubber. You have to choose the type of stand you wish to buy, that mainly depends on the sizes and weight of the pots to be used. You have to make sure that the plant stand that you will buy can hold the weight and can be durable.


The indoor plant stands have become part of the Indian lifestyle. The plant stands are the most ideal for indoor gardening in India. The plant stands allow the plants to have enough air and sunlight and help them to grow naturally. The plant stands are available in various designs, sizes, colors, etc. The indoor plant stands can handle various types of pots – from lightweight, small pots to heavy, bigger sized. The type of plants you can grow depends on the capacity of the indoor plant stands.

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