10 Best Iron Plant Stands In India 2022 [Metal Plant Stand]

When it comes to decorating your home, office, garden, work station, or balcony with green plants, herbs, roses, or colorful flowers, it requires some decent artistic skills.

The collection of plant or pot stands gives you a way to present your creativity and interior designing attributes as well as give an elegant touch to your love for greenery. The presence of various types of plant stands in the Indian market provides numerous possibilities for decoration in the most stylish manner.

Iron Plant Stand India

The design of the stand must complement the theme and enhance the interiors with its presence.

But before going for the purchasing, you must remember the key elements required in a plant stand to last long and provide value for money. For this metal based such as iron plant stands are very good for long use.

Best Buy Iron Plant Stands Online In India

Here is some of the best iron plant stand for outdoor in Indian market:

1. Orchid Engineers pot stand

Orchid Engineers pot stand

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Orchid engineers have been leading in the race of home decor products. The iron plant stands by Orchid Engineers is one of the top plant stands available to the buyers. This plant stand is a method to showcase your green plants and flowers elegantly. It is rectangular shaped and comes in a pack of four. A single stand can accommodate about 2-3 flowerpots bearing a weight up to a maximum of 50 kilograms. The metal stand is made up of sturdy material designed to hold different sizes of pots. The black-coated rust-free finish makes it a durable and long-lasting product.

The sharp edges and joints are welded properly to secure your flooring and walls. The stand is raised high from the floor so that it receives all the necessary sunshine and can grow faster. The stand can be placed at any corner of your house- living room, balcony, kitchen garden and you can decorate it by planting small or large flower plants. It can also serve the purpose of racks to store other kinds of stuff apart from plants.


  • Adds a decorative element
  • Durable rust-free finish
  • Strong and sturdy metallic material used
  • Serves as an amazing gifting option
  • No assembling needed


  • Expensive

2. Trust basket pot holders

Trust basket pot holders

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The trust basket plant stands for balcony are made up of high-quality galvanized metal strengthening its durability. It is a rectangular-shaped product with eight legs standing strongly to hold the multiple plants pots. The product can withstand extreme weather conditions as it is made with rust-free material. It comes in a pack of two stands each with the dimensions of 61cm L x 23.5 cm B x 9cm H.

This stand can carry a load of up to 20-25 kilograms. The trust basket plant stands are preferred by many for decorating their home garden as they are tired of washing away the mud stains. This stand is raised above the ground to ensure easy cleaning of the floor. This product is a must for all plant lovers who are restricted to have a garden due to less space. These stands can be easily placed on the balcony.


  • Has strong legs providing stability
  • It can organize pots of different sizes
  • Metallic design to accommodate it in your room decor
  • Can bear the heavy pots up to 20-25 kgs


  • Not for heavy and large pots
  • Sometimes the legs are not aligned properly

3. D&V Engineering pot stands

D&V Engineering pot stands

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D & V Engineering plant stands offer you a convenient and stylish solution to display your gardening skills and love for greenery. The stand features a two-tier step-like structure joined together to consume less space. It is a great option for small spaces and small balconies in apartments or flats. Each stand can carry around three pots. Sometimes it can also serve its dual purpose; it can be used to store kinds of stuff in your office, workstation, or home.

It can be placed ideally both indoors and outdoors. It is made up of sturdy and solid material with a powder-coated finish. Each shelf can bear a weight of up to 50 kilograms. It possesses an open tray design and can beautify the ambiance of your place stylishly. The stand comes in white color which makes it versatile to fit in your living room décor.


  • Useful to serve storage purposes
  • Provides enough space for the plant to grow
  • Open wire style for appropriate visibility and ventilation
  • Place outdoor or indoor
  • Space-saving stand


  • The stand may rust after using it for few months
  • The width of the product is not suitable for large and heavy pots.

4. Truphee metal plant holders

Truphee metal plant holders

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These metal stands for holding plants are another good option in the pocket-friendly budget. The metal stand comes in a pack of 4. It is a rectangular stand with eight legs each. You don’t have to hustle for assembly as it is pre-assembled and ready to use the product. You can simply place it in your balcony, office, room, garage, workspace, or living room and decorate it with beautiful green herbs or colorful scented flowers. The stand is made up of very heavy metal which can stand weight up to 40-50kgs.

The PS01 stand is powder coated with a rustproof metallic finish along with corrosion resistance. The manufacturer offers generally a black-colored stand but can be provided in other colors too on customized orders. The product is designed for pots of different sizes and shapes and can accommodate them well. The average number of medium-sized pots it can carry is about 8-9.


  • A good option for heavy pots
  • Corrosion and rust-free material
  • Reasonable and affordable
  • Value for money
  • Can accommodate pots and plants of variable size
  • Provides easy cleaning because of the raised height


  • Poor packaging without any cushion to protect the product
  • Poor welding of the joints and corners

5. Green Gardenia plant stand

Green Gardenia plant stand

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The green gardenia offers a single piece of iron plant stand to accommodate well in the small spaces of your home. It consumes less space and can hold up to 2-3 medium pots. The plant stand is made up of high-quality and welded thick wires to bear heavy and large pots or planters. The welding of the corners and edges is done properly to protect the flooring and walls of your place. This plant stand is an exceptional architectural structure to fit in your living room or balcony consuming less amount of space and flashing lush greenery and colorful flowers.

The metal is very heavy giving it strong and sturdy support maximizing its durability. The rectangular design with six legs provides extra support for storage. The pot stand can bear weight up to 40-50 kilograms. The powder-coated paint on MS iron makes it rust-free. The legs of the pot stand are raised high to provide easy cleaning and mopping of mud stains below the pots.


  • Rustproof material is used to withstand extreme temperatures
  • The extra support provided by the six legs
  • Stable, sturdy, and durable
  • Can bear heavy and large pots


  • Smaller in size
  • Can accommodate only 2 medium-sized pots
  • The legs are not that strong

6. BloomingDale plant stand

BloomingDale plant stand

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The iron plant stand offered by Bloomingdale is designed to add a touch of greenery and nature to your living space. The plant stand provides elegance to the ambiance of your living room or balcony or even your workstation. The stands are rectangular with eight legs to provide extra support and strengthen the durability of the product. It is made up of sturdy and high-quality material which does not bend easily due to increased weight.

The average weight capacity it can bear is up to 75 kilograms which is the highest on the list. The legs are raised to a certain height to protect your floors from any sort of damages and make watering to the plants easier. The raised height also ensures that the plants reach a significant height to obtain enough amount of sunshine to grow. You don’t have to worry about your heavy and large pots as Bloomingdale presents you with the most convenient option available. The plant stand can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes enhancing the beauty of your environment with lush greenery.


  • Rust free coating to bear humid climate
  • Weight capacity up to 75 kgs
  • Large and heavy pots can be placed
  • Can hold up to 3 medium-sized pots easily
  • Strong and sturdy material
  • Bent sides to protect your flooring


  • Expensive when compared to similar items

7. SharpEx plant holder

SharpEx plant holder

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The Sharpex stand for heavy pots is very popular among lovers of greenery. The sharp ex plant stand comes with high-quality iron wires of iron to withstand huge weights. The product is durable and sturdy. The product is a must for huge pots to place on your balcony or indoors in the living room to provide it good amount of elevation and can be placed at the corners.

 The stand is square with four rounded legs to protect your flooring from scratches. The rounded and smooth leg supporters ensure the strength of the stand. It adds a stylish touch to your decor. Enough amount of space is provided below the rack to enable easy cleaning and protection from pests. The product comes in a pack of two stands.


  • Useful for heavy and large-sized pots
  • Rustproof material
  • Enough elevation from the ground to support the growth of the plant
  • Adds an elegant texture to the architecture


  • The square shape limits other pot sizes to be placed
  • Poor welding quality
  • Weight capacity not specified

8. Kundi 6-tier plant stand

Kundi 6-tier plant stand

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The six-tier plant stand offered by Kundi is an innovative and elegant design to hold multiple plants and will enhance the beauty of the interiors. The stand can be used for decorative plant pots or planters to give it a look of European styled cart. The stand has six different levels to place your small green plants adding to the visual beauty. This is a perfect choice for home decor lovers or garden lovers.

The stand is made up of a metal tube with a black coated finish and is a durable product. it acts as an antioxidant too. The stand can accommodate flower pots up to a diameter of 11 inches. The steel constructed sturdy material with curved feet provides extra security and support. The product is available only in black color.


  • Useful for multiple plants or herbs
  • Adds to the beauty of your living room or balcony
  • Can be easily placed anywhere
  • Does not require assembling


  • Expensive
  • The stand cannot support heavyweights
  • The metal is not strong enough

9. Magic metals plant stand

Magic metals plant stand

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The metal pot stands by Magic Matels is the most stylish product on the list and is suggested by many interior designers. It is made up of wrought iron which ensures its strength and durability. The stand has four different levels to place the pots and is uniquely designed to give it a classy appearance. The dimensions of the product are – L- 69 cm, W- 22cm, and H- 73 cm.

 It can be used to hold flower pots or small planters or can even serve the purpose of storing other kinds of showpieces in the drawing-room. The product is generally offered in black color which is a great combination with the greenery of the plants. The round design of the stand accommodates well in the decor of your room and can fit easily at any corner of your room. Enough amount of space is provided to each plant for its independent and easy growth.


  • A stylish product to enhance the beauty
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Rust resistant


  • Not available in different sizes
  • Not for heavy pots
  • Smaller in size 

10. Sasvat plant stand

Sasvat plant stand

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The iron pot stands by Sasvat are available in two sets – a pack of two and a pack of four. The stand is made up of wrought iron substance with a long-lasting and rust-free life. The modern and elegant design of the pot stand will leave everyone awestruck. The stand is rectangular with a length of 60 cm and a breadth of 20 cm.

The iron planter stand comes with eight legs for each stand and is raised above from the ground to provide access to cleaning. The iron stand is light in weight when compared to similar products and provides durability and portability. The iron used is of premium quality with a rustproof coating. it is considered to be an ideal option for decorating your home concerning both indoors and outdoors.


  • Rustproof
  • Lightweight in handling
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Durable and portable
  • serves multiple purposes


  • Can accommodate only 3 medium-sized pots
  • The material used can be stronger to hold heavy pots.

How To Choose The Best Iron Plant Stands

1. Design

The choice of design depends upon your requirements and decorating skills. The shape, size, and color are important aspects to consider before choosing the right Decor as they must complement the wall color and the area around.

2. The number of plants

Depending upon the number of plants you would like to keep in your garden, you must choose the right stand for you. For example, if you want to plant 6 pots, you must look for a stand that can easily accommodate such a number.

3. Weight capacity

The weight-bearing capacity of the plant stand is a vital factor before purchasing one for you. It is recommended to calculate the cumulative weight of your pots, the planters, and the soil and then choose the correct stand which can withstand the weight of all this. You must also ensure that the stand doesn’t bend with the growth in the weight of the plants.

4. Durability

The build quality of the stand which includes the base design, material used, strength, dimensions, etc is also an important factor to look into while choosing the plant stand for you. Some stands don’t offer you extra legs for support or a wide base. In some cases, the stylish stands are designed with poor durability.

5. Weatherproof

you need to also check in for the material used can its capacity to bear extreme temperatures. The metals used should be rusting free and water-resistant.

6. Dimensions

the dimensions of the pot stand must fit in well in the space of your home or wherever it is to be placed. It should be sustainable in consuming space and holding enough pots.

7. Floor protection

many manufacturers have ensured the safety of your flooring and walls. They add curved or rounded supporters to prevent any harm to the floor tiles.

8. Maintenance

Any piece of decoration substance also requires cleaning and maintenance. You must look for raised stands which are easier to clean and mop the floors.

How To Care Iron Plant Stand

Whenever it comes to caring for iron planters, exposure to the elements, such as rain and contaminated air, might pose some difficulties.

Here are some tips to be followed to care for iron plant stand

  • Apply liquid auto wax to the planter at least twice a year to keep it looking good. This will help to preserve the planters from water as well as the factors, much like wax helps to protect the finish on your automobile. Using a clean rag, dab some auto wax into the planter’s surface and let it dry completely.
  • Steel wool should be used to sand down any chipped portions, which should then be cleaned and touched up with just an anti-rust primer before being painted with suitable all-weather enamel paint. Allow it to completely dry before applying a clear sealer over the top. Study the paint labels to see how long the paint will dry.
  • The iron planter should not be allowed to sit in pools of standing water because this will encourage the growth of rust.
  • Never put flowers or plants straight into an iron planter, as this could cause them to rust. Iron will be absorbed by the soil, & the humidity from watering them will lead the planter to corrode over time.


An elegant iron stand can enhance the beauty of your living space and can attract visitors to your extraordinary decor. The flushing greenery and scented beautiful flowers can add to a touch of nature in your living space. The list offers you various choices depending upon your requirements.

 Few of the options help you to make sustainable use of the limited space at your home and still make it eye-catching. The plant stands to need to enhance the organization and beauty of your office or home interiors. The orchid iron stand has received many positive feedbacks and it is the most recommended one.

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