10 Best Outdoor Plant Stands in India 2022 [For Home, Garden & Balcony]

Tracing back the roots, we have been always close to nature. Our entire civilization has a vital cordial with nature. Seeing that, it may not come as a major surprise to see people become interested and excited by the concepts of gardening. Gardening in itself is also a small reminiscent of connecting ourselves to nature.

In this modern-day living where people are routinely shifting towards urban areas, the scope of being closer to nature has become limited to gardening. You cannot go out to the forest areas like our ancestors used to do nor can we become active participants in forestry and tree plantation. But what we can do is get involved in gardening. It not only accentuated a clean and healthy environment but also allows us to have serenity around us.

India has seen a boom in outdoor gardening in the last few years. Much of it is down to urbanization and people’s desire to create nature in their vicinity. It’s a reason why you’re likely to see outdoor plants at the terrace, balcony, rooftop, window sills, and more. But there’s a catch, how do you support these plants?

Outdoor Plant Stands India

That’s where these outdoor plant stands for balcony or garden come in handy. Not only do they provide a stable base for the plants but also help protect them. It acts as a space saver and allows you to plant multiple plants without having to worry about managing space around. And the best bit, there are numerous options you can find in this segment starting from the designer ones to the sturdy and common ones to the highly specialized custom ones.

Best Buy Outdoor Plant Stands In India

Here’s a list of the ten best selling outdoor plants stand for multiple plants available in India to help you with your gardening act and uplift the atmosphere around you.

 1. ORCHID ENGINEERS Rust Free Plant Stand

ORCHID ENGINEERS Rust Free Plant Stand

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The first in our is from Orchid with their rust-free plant stand for balcony. This one is an ideal plant stand for anyone who is looking for a complete solution for their space. It comes with a simple yet functional design that provides your flower pots the right spot to stand and shine. It’s an iron-based stand and has a sturdier build to it. Thought that doesn’t make it a super heavy and hard to carry type. You can easily carry it from one place to another.

The stand comes in a pack of 2 or 4 as per the choice of the user. There are 3 different design firms available to choose from. The stand looks pretty good and has a stylish yet aesthetic look that will grow onto you. It duly takes on the secondary role and allows the plant pot to shine. It’s even decorative allowing you to decorate it along with other elements to increase the vibe around. It has a durable construction and an elegant-looking design. The stand is made with an advanced welding process for a hassle-free experience. It’s great for your home garden, balcony garden, outdoor garden, and office garden.


  • Durable and elegant design
  • Lightweight and decorative
  • Multiple design options


  • Available in only single color.

2. TrustBasket Indigo Planter Stand/Pot Stand

TrustBasket Indigo Planter StandPot Stand

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The second one on our list is from TrustBasket. They are a renowned brand in this segment and have been offering good plant stands over the years. Their outdoor plant stand range makes us a great pick. This specific Indigo Planter stand is a perfect stand for anyone looking to maintain their beautiful garden and help it prosper. They allow you to make a beautiful garden in your outdoor area without having to compromise on space and functionality.

The length of this stand is 24 inches and comes in options of a single piece, 2-piece, and 4-piece. It is made up of top-quality galvanized metal giving it durability and sturdiness. It can easily withstand loads up to 20-25 kgs. The stand is further coated using powder-coated paint to help it become rust-proof and corrosive proof. You can place your pots and vase on top of the stand and have a beautiful garden set up outside your house.


  • Made of durable and sturdy galvanized metal
  • Rust-proof design
  • Longer length span for multi-pot storage


  • The shape is in rectangle form

3. Leafy Tales Set of 11 – Iron Outdoor Flower Pot

Leafy Plant Stand 

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The third pick in our list is another of the nifty-looking flower stands and pots. This one is from Leafy Tales, another one of the major companies around in the gardening field. They have a range of indoor and outdoor planting and gardening equipment and tools. This one from them is a beautifully designed stand suitable for home and garden décor. It comes with smooth and curved pegs that provide support while also making sure they don’t leave any scratches on the floor.

It has an elegant design and comes with a sturdy and durable metal structure. The robust metal structure allows it to hold your plants with ease. it has a dimension of 20 cm diameter and can hold plants and pots with a weight of up to 50 Kg. The stand is made up of heavy-duty metal and has a powder-coated finish that gives it a rust-free performance. It comes ready to use out of the box and doesn’t need any assembling. There are a total of 11 stands in this specific package. You can however choose from 4 different options for the no of products.


  • Nicely designed and articulate
  • Easy to use and place
  • Smooth and curved pegs


  • The stand size may seem small for large pots.

4. Green Gardenia Iron Plant/Pot Stand

Green Gardenia Iron Plant StandPot Stand

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The Green Gardenia pot plant stand makes the fourth one in our list of the best outdoor plant stand. It has quite an innovative design and comes with versatility on its hand. The iron stand or the pot stand can act as a stand and also offer protection for the plants from the summer or winter winds. The stand is made up of sturdy and durable metal with high-quality iron wires making the platform. This one can be placed at any of your outdoor or even indoor setup, such is its ease of use design.

It has been designed keeping in mind the need for plant pots and as such focuses on providing the right space and area for the pots. It has a sturdy base that can easily hold heavy plant pots without any issues. The saucer in the stand uses 4 supporting points that give it a durable outlook. At the bottom, it has smooth and curved pegs that allow for aesthetic design. It doesn’t require assembling and comes with a space to hold 6 flower pots.


  • Visually aesthetic design
  • Durable metal with a sturdy base
  • Can be used at both outdoor and indoor setup


  • The price for this one is quite high

5. TrustBasket 2 Step Stand for Multiple Plants and Pots Stand

TrustBasket 2 Step Stand for Multiple Plants and Pots Stand

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At the fifth number, we have the classic two-tiered flower pot stand that will fit in seamlessly at your outdoor garden. This one comes across as one of the top-selling of the lots due to its ease of use, design integration, and spaciousness. It’s built as one of the versatile flower pot stands that can stand around with ease.

It’s a heavy-duty product and features a lower shelf and a top-shelf. The stand is designed with sturdy metal to last a long while. It is extremely durable and can last for even the harshest of weather conditions. The matte black powder coating on top of the stand gives it a rust-free body and allows it to be easily cleaned off. The stand is perfect for organizing and decorating your plants.


  • A versatile shelf with a two-tier system
  • Perfect for organizing and decorating the plants.


  • Does tend to cost high

6. TRUPHE Metal Planters Stand

TRUPHE Metal Planters Stand

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At the sixth number on our list, we have the Truphe metal stand. This one is a nifty-looking flower and plant stand that fits around with ease. It has a small frame compared to some of the few we’ve aforementioned but gets the job done well. It comes in a set of 4 stands with a rectangular surface on top of them.

The stand has a dimension of 24*8*4 inches and can easily fit in your plants and pots. It is made out of durable and sturdy metal allowing you to place your plants without having to worry around. It has a pre-assembled structure and hence doesn’t require you to assemble it again. It comes with a rust-free body due to the powder coating on top of the metal. It can hold weights of up to 40-50 kgs with ease.


  • Rust free build
  • Spacious design with options to store multiple pots


  • Lacks the visual aesthetic

7. D&V ENGINEERING – Creative in innovation Metal Outdoor Planter Rack

D&V ENGINEERING - Creative in innovation Metal Outdoor Planter Rack

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A beautiful and elegant-looking planting stand can often be the difference between a normal outdoor garden and a visually aesthetic garden. This plant stand aims to provide users with that visual pleasure whilst also making sure you get all the functionality. This plant rack has an elegant looking simple design that is pretty attractive to look at. It’s pretty simple to use and comes with no assembling issues. It is quite decorative and appealing to look at.

It is made out of a sturdy and durable metal giving it ultimate strength. It is further backed by the rust-proof coating that gives it extended shelf life. The product comes with a dimension of 26*8*4 inches which is ample space to store quite a few pots and plants. It can hold a capacity of up to 50 kgs.


  • Simple and visually appealing design
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • Can only store 3-4 plants at once

8. Bloomingdale Nordic Plant Stand/Pot Stand

Bloomingdale Nordic Plant Stand

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If you’re looking for a heavy-duty iron plant stand that can allow you to store lots of plants and be durable, then this one is the perfect piece for you. It comes with a tough and durable build made from heavy-duty iron. It features a wide-level platform with multiple small and curved bottom edges giving it a nice look while also making sure it stands upright properly.

The stand has a rust-proof coating on the top of the heavy-duty iron and makes for a good pick. The wide platform allows you to store multiple flower pots at once and allowing you to plan your outdoor garden properly. It’s one of the modern pieces and is perfect for large and extra-large pots. It can hold weights of up to 75 kg with ease.


  • Build with heavy-duty iron
  • Suitable for large and extra-large pots


  • Bit heavy makes it difficult in portability.

9. DECORVAIZ Modern Indoor & Outdoor Iron Planter Stand/Flower Shelf Display

DECORVAIZ Modern Indoor & Outdoor Iron Planter StandFlower Shelf Display

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Coming in at the ninth number, we have the one from Decorvaiz with its modern and aesthetic plant stand. This one is a versatile flower stand and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The plant stand comes with one of the most minimalistic designs to give it the allure of simplicity while at the same time it provides a visual retreat.

The plant design is quite good and features a clean finish. It allows you to place your plants and showcase a warm accent. It has a thick and heavy iron build coated with a rust-proof powder on top of it. It comes with extreme durability and has a long-lasting build. It comes with a wide dimension that can easily store multiple plants at once. Not to forget it comes as a pre-assembled piece and doesn’t require assembling from your side. Talk about ease of use. 


  • Versatile plant stand
  • Simple and minimalistic design with high functionality


  • Only comes in a set of 4

10. Sharpex Metal Potted Plant Stand

Sharpex Metal Potted Plant Stand

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Rounding up our list of best outdoor plant stands in the market is Sharpex with their metal circular pot stand. This one is quite possibly one of the easiest and functional pieces on the list and comes with great usability. It’s quite high quality and is made of iron and coated with a rust-proof coating on top of it. This way it remains functional for years even after extensive usage. It has an intended use and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

It comes in a circular design and is aimed at providing the perfect stand for your pot. It supports individual pots and with a few of these stands, you can easily create a visually appealing garden. The good thing is it comes with options for single, 2, and 4 pcs. It has a 20 cm diameter which is more than enough for a normal pot. The pot stand is beautifully designed with structured support and hold.


  • Easy and functional
  • Beautifully designed


  • Can only place one pot at a time.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Plant Stands

Here’s a quick guide on the plant stands that you need to look at before you decide to buy one of these. This will give you an idea about the right plant stand that you need to buy. Let’s check out the points:

1. Type of plants to be used

First things first, you should take note of the type of plants that you’d be placing on top of the stand. Is it a normal pot-based plant or something likely to grow into grooves and more? Knowing the right type of plant allows you to get the right pick in terms of the stand.

2. Plant Sizes

Another thing that’s as important as the type of plant is the plant size. Making an outdoor garden isn’t easy by any means. You need to care for the plant and use only those that can survive in the outside area. Learn about the plants and that will give you a brief idea about the type of plant stand to buy.

3. Space

You’d be putting up your plant stand somewhere outside in your garden. This can be your balcony or the lobby or the rooftop or terrace. You need to carefully examine the space available for use as only after that you can find the right one. There are so many plants stands available in the market from square ones to circle and rectangle ones. Analyze your space properly and then buy the right intended plant stand.

4. Material

Material makes all the difference among the plant stands. Although the plastic stand can be found at very low prices they do not offer the same durability as that of an iron or a metal plant stand. Check for the material and look to pick something that will offer the best performance and value for money.

What Are Good Outdoor Balcony Plants?

Do you wish to have a garden on your balcony in your apartment building? Yes, this is the most effective method of transforming your balcony into the most beautiful and pleasant environment possible. The patio garden is by far the most attractive and pleasant area to spend all your time in the building.

Here are some of the best outdoor balcony plants to choose from.


Potted lavender is a must-have for sunny balconies! These perennials blossom for an extended period and have a beautiful perfume that transports one to the Mediterranean. 


Hyacinth comes in a multitude of colors and will add a touch of elegance to your balcony garden. It is also possible to use hyacinth as table floral or to use it to decorate the interior of a house itself, depending on the situation.

Creeping roses 

These lovely spreading roses make no balcony look complete without them. They contribute to the beauty of the landscape. These plants can be grown beside the balcony or on any other support you provide for their development.

Money plant 

This is a lovely plant with small, round, and flat leaves that are easy to grow. It requires little to no upkeep.

Wrapping Up

Outdoor gardening has become an evident part of the modern-day lifestyle. And with urbanization increasing significantly, the scope for outdoor gardening is just going to hit the roof. That is why you need the right tools and materials to make the best of outdoor gardening for yourself. A good plant stand can give you one of the best supports and durability for your plants while also giving your outdoor garden the right lift and makeover.

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