10 Best Plant Pot Stands In India 2022 [For Outdoor & Indoor Use]

It is not just a belief that indoor plants enhance the surroundings but it certainly brings a positive change in your life too. The plant pot stand works effectively and helps to plant the trees. It also reduces the toxins from the air and keeps control over the increasing contamination & pollution. It certainly boosts the mental and physical capabilities of human beings. The people in India are getting aware of greenery and its advantages. Most people today are finding ways to start growing plants and trees around the residential areas and also in commercial places.

Pot Planting & Gardening in India

Most of the Indian households have come in terms with plants and are planning to have indoor and outdoor gardens around the places they live or work. The most ideal part of the indoor gardens is the highly useful, properly designed, and easily available plant pot stands. The plant stands have offered new ways of planting and gardening even in the limited areas around the house. 

You can place a plant of your choice in a stylish indoor plant stand or gamla stand and you will find how it makes the atmosphere clean, hygienic, and full of a creative feel. The plant stands have now replaced designer items and showpieces while decorating homes, offices, and hotels. 

Plant Pot Stands India

The plant stands give a clear-cut message to the world and it is about cleaning the world and caring for the world. The plant pot stands help you to overcome the limits of gardening. You don’t need to have a huge open space for making gardens but the garden can be made indoors too.

Best Buy Pot Plant Stands Online In India

The list of highly popular plant pot stands is discussed below in detail. You can choose the best plant stand for your home to make a lovely indoor garden in your surroundings.

1. TrustBasket Indigo Planter Stand/Pot Stand

TrustBasket Indigo Planter StandPot Stand 

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You can have enough space around your home to start planting the trees & flowers of your choice. The TrustBasket planter is available in a set of four. The plant is made up of high-quality material in the form of gauge galvanized metal. The powder-coated paint offers this stand a nice look and also saves it from getting rusted. Most people always dream of having a nice garden around houses or offices but due to the limited space, such gardens cannot be possible. But still, you can make use of the space around your home to place the plant stands having various plants & flowers.

The plantar stat can be easily accommodated in the limited space on the balcony, or in the patios. This balcony plant stands are made of heavy metal and they can easily hold a load of pots. The rectangular stand has a stronger base that can hold the pots without moving. Chicken order rate today for your home and bring a positive change in the atmosphere around you.


  • Easily fit in any limited area.


  • Packaging is not proper.

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The ORCHID ENGINEERS Plant Stand is considered to be the best item for room decor. The black-colored metal stand looks strong and remains stable even after placing the heavy pots on it. You can please the stand either on the balcony or in the hall and it will always get attention from the guests. The stand looks spacious and allows placing several pots bigger or smaller in size without any issue. You have to choose the right kind of plant to be placed in a properly shaped and sized pot. 

The plants and flowers placed around the home bring changes to the surroundings. Not only had the atmosphere changed but it also spread positivity. The plant stand can also be used for placing various other items while using it at home or in the office. The plant stands can also be used as a bookshelf, shoe rack, or for keeping household items. It is useful in offering a better look to your room.


  • The stand looks strong and remains stable.


  • It’s available in single color only.

3. Leafy Plant Stand 

Leafy Plant Stand 

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The Leafy plant stands are aesthetically designed to showcase fresh green plants & colorful flowers. It will certainly bring a energetic change in your home or office. The plant stands are designed  with understanding of the plants. The large metal stand offers enough space for the plants to grow and flourish. The plant stands remain stable even after placing the heavy pots in them. The stands can easily fit in the small area in the houses, offices, apartments, etc.

The stands, when placed indoors or outdoors of your home, offer an awesome look to the area around. Plant stands make it easy to maintain the plants and trees very easily without any special attention. The iron stand has small hinges at the bottom that keep the stand stable without making any scratches on the floor. Instant can also be used for keeping various other things at home. It can be used in the study room, kitchen, or bathroom.


  • A multipurpose iron stand is very useful.


  • The metals should be stronger.

4. TRUPHE Iron Pot Stand

TRUPHE Iron Pot Stand

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The TRUPHE Pot Stand is black in color and can be used as a part of decor and suits well to the nicely designed background. It offers plenty of space to grow the plants and flowers in the pots easily. The plants like Lily, Aloe Vera, and Mint can become a part of your indoor garden. You can make your indoor garden ready without spending too much of money or time. The planters are lightweight and made of powder-coated sturdy metal. The metal remains rust-free in all seasons.

It can be used for indoor and outdoor gardening. It is ideal for the indoor garden and can be placed on the balcony, terrace and in open passages around. The stands can hold medium-sized but heavier pots easily. People who love to grow plants & trees but do not have enough space around can love this product. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening.


  • Allow the plants to grow freely.


  • It is available in only limited sizes.

5. Crafter Metal Plant Stand

Crafter Metal Plant Stand

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The Crafter plant stand is made of copper and has an exclusive eye-catching design. The plant stand has three supporting points and it offers enough space for the flower pots. The plant stand is most ideal to be used outside or inside the home during the planning for the garden. The plant stand has a smooth but stable base and it never damages the floor or the tiles. The plant pot stand remains durable and is used around the house or in the backyard. It can be placed just near the entrance door, where it looks like a showpiece. 

The designer stand can get all the attention of your guests during the party. The plant stand offers a vintage look and makes you feel proud about the product. You don’t need to move the plant stand often or no need to touch the plant. The stylish plant stand can be an ideal gift during celebrations.


  • It has a stylish & well-polished look suitable for home decor.


  • Need a mesh at the bottom for stronger support.



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The D & V Engineering offers the most creative and highly innovative plant stand available in the market today. It offers an aesthetic look to the entire home. The plant stand is designed perfectly to match the interiors of homes, offices, or hotels. It is certainly a decorative piece that will bring healthy air and a hygienic feel to the entire atmosphere around. 

The metal material remains shiny and spotless without getting any scratches. The metal has a coated finish that makes it long and durable. The capacity of the pot stand can be around 150 kg. You can place a few pots over the stand as per the space available. The design of the stand is simple but looks elegant. It can allow more pots to be placed next to each other. The innovative plant stand  looks most apt for indoor gardening.


  • It is creative and innovative.


  • Packaging should be better.

7. Decorscent Pot Stand 

Decorscent Pot Stand 

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The Decorscent pot stand offers a bucket planter technique to grow the plants in the indoors or outdoors. It offers a modern way of gardening at home. The soil is used directly in the bucket and it helps in to plant and also to take care for faster growth. You will be amazed to see the beautiful planter stand in the corner of the room near the window. The material used is of pure quality & polished metal. It has layer of a powder coating which is in golden color. 

The plant placed in the stand grabs the attention when placed in outdoor garden. This outdoor plant stand helps the plant to grow without any restraint. You can place the colorful pots in the plant stand and they will look like stylish decorative pieces, changing the surroundings. The plant stand is ideal for people who want to make use of restricted space into a nice indoor or outdoor garden. 


  • The stylish stand offers modern gardening techniques.


  • The availability of the stand is low.

8. Kundi Plant Stand 

Kundi Plant Stand 

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The Kundi plant stand is specially made for the corner shelf design. The white-colored designer floral shelf adds grace to the surroundings and a feeling of fresh air. The powder-coated metal bar remains clean & shiny. The shelf can be adjusted in such a way that it can accommodate several pots. The small and medium-sized pots are placed in the perfect manner. The multi-functional and multipurpose metal rack is ideal to use at home most properly. 

The rack can be used for placing books in a corner near the study table. It can also be placed in the kitchen to store the kitchenware items that can easily fit in the rack. It can also be placed in the bathroom if necessary. The main advantage the floral shelf offers to the users is about using the limited space and fulfilling the dreams of indoor and outdoor garden. It also helps you to look after so many plants at a time.


  • It can hold medium-sized pots.


  • The price is higher than many other similar products.

9. Green Gardenia Plant/Pot Stand 

Green Gardenia PlantPot Stand 

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The Green Gardenia plant stands are the most suitable for people staying in flats and apartments. Growing the plants in a limited area is a challenging task. The superior design of the plant stand can easily fit into the area available. It also offers complete freedom for the plants to grow and flourish. The pots can be placed on the stand that offers light, shade, and air to the plants.

The sturdy-looking design of the plant looks like a fascinating decorative piece and it enhances the decorated background. The stand can hold the pots and make sure that the plants and flowers remain in the stand all the time. The bottom of the stand is stronger and the curved legs neither damage the floor nor does it get unstable.


  • It looks like a decorative piece.


  • The product is not easily available.

10. Bloomingdale Plant Stand/Pot Stand 

Bloomingdale Plant StandPot Stand 

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The Bloomingdale plant stand and pot stand offer you simple ways of making the garden in the residential areas and also in the commercial places. You can change the open area around your home into a small lovely garden for you and your family to enjoy. The stand is metallic and remains stronger. The plant stand is spacious enough to hold three medium-sized pots. The stylish stand can be placed on the balcony, terrace, or in the free passages. 

The metal stand with deep rich black color can be easily accommodated for indoor or outdoor gardening. The metal remains shiny, spotless, and completely rust-free. It can hold heavy, colorful pots in various sizes. The stand allows the plants and the flowers to have space around to grow. It also protects the plants from the hot sun, rains, and wind. The Plant stand allows you to have greenery around you that not only keeps the atmosphere clean but also creates positivity.


  • A stylish stand allows more pots to be placed.


  • Delivery takes a long time.

Why Is The Color Of Plant Pots Important?

The colors of planters have been shown in academic studies to have a quantifiable effect on plant growth. Soil temperature has a direct impact on the color of the container and the health of the plants. Variations in temperature have an impact on the way a plant grows as a result.

The color of potted plants is essential because it can have an impact on how much heat is retained by the pots themselves. Compared to light-colored pots, dark-colored vases will absorb more sunshine and maintain heat for a longer period of time. You should choose a hue that is appropriate for the weather in your area.

How To Choose The Best Plant Pot Stands

The following features are useful while choosing the plant stand from the market. It will help you in getting the most suitable plant stand easily.

1. Type of plants

You have to make sure about the type of plants that you have chosen to put on display in your indoor garden. Some of the plants grow bigger and need bigger pots and for others, you need medium-sized pots.

2. Size of indoor garden

You should decide the space around your house to be used for the garden. The empty passages and the area in the balcony or terrace should be measured and you have to decide how many posts you need to place. Once you are sure about the area to be utilized then you can plan the plants to display and grow.

3. Indoor-Outdoor plants

You have to make sure about the plants that you want to grow in your garden. Once you decide the area of your garden as indoor and outdoor. 

Then you can decide which plants will be placed indoors and which plants are suitable for outdoors. You have to make sure about the plants to be kept outside in the outdoor garden and the plants needed to take inside the home.  

4. Using for home decor

The plant stands are manufactured using strong and durable material and have exclusive and mind-blowing designs. The plant stand can be used as a piece of decoration and not just for the display of plants & flowers. The immaculate design & stylish look of the plant pot stands certainly offer you many more decorating options. You can place the designer plant stand in the hall or the empty passage and it will have a magical effect all over the place. The plant pot stands are highly preferred as a part of home décor.

5. To care for the air

According to a recent survey, most people prefer to have medicated plants or colorful flowers in and around the residential areas or the working places. It not only helps in keeping the atmosphere clean but it also teaches to care for the air.


The nicely designed, and strongly built, plant stands have become a part of home décor. Most interior designers, architects, and decorators prefer to use smart-looking plant stands which are innovative and creative. The plant stands available in the markets in India are of various sizes, shapes, make, and designs. The colorful and enhancing stands for plants when placed in the areas such as balconies, terraces, and passages – bring changes in the surrounding with positivity.

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