10 Best Plants Stands For Balcony In India 2022 [Gamla Stands For Flowers & Plants]

For all the plant lovers who are looking out for convenient and affordable options to decorate and organize your flower pots, the following options will be of great help. The list contains the top ten best quality plant stands for your balcony.

In India, you will find many Eco freaks who plant many pots in their homes or workplaces. Due to the space restrictions, the unorganised placement of plants would not be attractive to your eyes. These innovatively designed plant stands will keep your pots organised and enhance the essence of nature to your home interiors.

These plant stands for multiple plants when placed in your flats and apartment balconies consume less space and reflect the elegance and modern touch to greenery.

Best Buy Balcony Plants Stands In India

balcony plant stand India

Here is the list for best selling plants stand for balcony in India online:

1. Trust Basket plant stand

10 Best Plants Stands For Balcony In India 2021

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Trust basket offers a rectangular shape plant stand for the balcony. The stand is provided with eight legs for providing extra base and support. The legs help to keep the pots proper place. The metal used is of top-quality galvanized substance with paint of powder-coated. The paint keeps the stand rust free and thus making it long-lasting and durable. The plant stand can bear the weight of the pots to 25 kilograms. The trust basket provides a set of four stands in a single pack. You can also customise the product according to your requirement with a pack of two or one. The base is raised above from the ground to provide access to easy cleaning and watering. The raised height helps the plant absorb sunlight more for its growth. The trust basket stand can be placed on your balcony to decorate with small green plants and flower pots. The stand can hold 3 medium-sized pots on each stand.


  • Rustproof material used
  • Durability and portability
  • Extra base support by eight legs
  • Can accommodate 3 medium-sized pots on one


  • Expensive
  • Cannot bear the weight of heavy and large pots

2. D&V Engineering 3 tier stand

D&V Engineering 3 tier stand

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D&V engineering has innovatively designed a three-level stand which is an ideal option for limited spaces. Usually, the apartment balconies have less space for planting pots for multiple plants. Then this stand can come to your rescue. This stand will consume less of your space and can organise your pots in a much stylish way. You can accommodate at least nine small or medium-sized pots on it with herbs or flowers or green plants. The material used is solid and high-quality iron to withstand the weight of the pots and hold them to place. Rust free coating is also provided to make the stand bear extreme temperatures. You can also use it for other purposes – like as a storage rack or to decorate it with showpiece items in your living room, office or workstation. This product can be placed both indoors and outdoors and will enhance the beauty of the place. This product comes pre-assembled and can be used directly. It is light in weight making it portable and can be easily moved from one place to another.


  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Occupy less space
  • Can serve multiple purposes
  • Rusting proof material
  • Three different levels


  • Poor strength and durability
  • Expensive

3. Nayab pot holder

Nayab pot holder

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Nayab offers an ultimate modular design and structure for your vertical version of gardens. the product is in the shape of a rectangular tube will base walls on either side.it comes with a strong iron hook to plug it easily on the railing of your balcony. The dimensions of this product are 54cm x 14cm x 20cm. You can easily accommodate about three small-sized pots. the metal used is strong enough to hold heavy pots easily. This product gives you an elegant design to showcase your love for greenery. This plant pot stand is an ideal option to fit in your small balconies, porch, fence, railing, etc. The product has many options of shapes and sizes to choose from. You can choose the correct one for you depending on your requirements, the number of plants and the area. The product also has a powder coating to prevent rusting. This pot holder has received a lot of positive feedbacks from buyers and is highly recommended for vertical gardening.


  • Can easily be hanged on the railing
  • Elegant design
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Available in various sizes
  • Back support
  • Can serve multiple purposes
  • Vertical gardening


  • Weight capacity not defined
  • Not for large-sized pots
  • Limited breadth offered

4. Orchid Engineers plant stand

Orchid Engineers plant stand

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The orchid engineers have found out the best option to fit your criteria of both indoor and outdoor gardening. The product is a rectangular shaped stand provided with eight legs and extra-base support. It comes in a pack of four stands. The weight capacity offered by each stand is about 50 kilograms and can accommodate about 2 large pots and 3 medium-sized pots on each. It is a perfect option for large and heavy pots or large planters. The dimensions offered are 24 x 8 x 4 inches. It does not require any assembling and is ready to use the product. The legs have a curved and smooth base which maximizes the strength of the stand and protects the flooring and walls of your home. The pot Holder is made up of strong metal along with rusting proof material to stand extreme weather temperatures. This stand is a good option for heavy and large pots as the weight capacity offered is comparatively highest in the range of similar products.


  • Can hold the weight of the pots till 50 kgs
  • Curved edges
  • Extra base support
  • Good for heavy pots
  • Can accommodate about three pots on each stand


  • you may observe rusting after a while
  • Sometimes you may receive a defective product.

5. Green Gardenia pot holder

Green Gardenia Iron Plant StandPot Stand

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Green gardenia presents you with a very stylish and affordable option to showcase your beautiful pots. It is a six-tier stand with bases at different levels and is styled very beautifully. All the levels are raised above from the ground so that the plants can receive enough amount of sunshine and space to grow. You can place six different small or medium-sized earthen pots, ceramic pots or small planters with greenery in the ambience. This product can comfortably fit both indoors and outdoors themes. The dimensions of this product are 32 x 10x 29 inches. It can accommodate your living room, balcony, porch, garden, office gallery or workstation very easily. It comes in a single size and two different colours – black and white. You can choose the right colour according to the theme or interiors of your room.

The product is welded with high-quality iron metal which makes it more durable and reliable. The product can easily fit in any corner of your living space.


  • A strong and durable material used
  • Sturdy base provided
  • Rusting free coating
  • Lightweight


  • Weight capacity not defined for pots
  • The material is not sturdy to hold heavy pots

6. Dima multiple tier stand

Dima multiple tier stand

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Here we come with another option of multiple tiers in the list. This plant stand manufactured by Dima has four different levels to place your pots. This is also considered to be a good option to organise your flower pots both indoor and outdoor. The garden lovers can also go for this product to place small green herbs to give an enriched feel to their kitchen garden. The levels are raised high above the ground so that watering and cleaning becomes easy. When pots are placed on the ground, they spoil the floor and mud spills can be found all around. This four-tier plant stand can fit in any corner of your living room, bedroom, balcony, office, garage, terrace, rooftop, etc and make the environment livelier. The stand is made durable to bear the weight of flower plants and also pots with green plants. The edges are curved to give an addition to the support system. You can also gift this beautiful plant stand to green lovers.


  • Can serve multiple purposes
  • Multiple tiers
  • Enough space for plants to grow
  • Ensures easy cleaning and maintenance


  • Smaller in size
  • Weight capacity not defined
  • Very light and poor material used

7. Bloomingdale pot stand

Bloomingdale Nordic Plant Stand

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The Bloomingdale plant stand offers a decent and convenient option to add a touch of nature and greenery to your living space. this product is an example of modern creativity and innovation and can fit in any corner of your room, office, balcony or porch. The product is made up of wrought iron added with a long-lasting life. It is a rectangular shaped stand with eight legs. The legs have bent and curved edges to give it solid support. The stands are raised to a certain height so that they receive the necessary amount of sunshine and independent space to grow. Due to the rust-resistant coating, the metal won’t show rusting even when placed in extreme weather conditions and watered regularly. This stand offers the highest weight capacity of 75 kilograms and can easily bear large or extra-large pots. The manufacturer offers a pack of two or four stands in which 2-3 pots can be accommodated easily on each.


  • The weight-bearing capacity of 75 kgs
  • Extra-large pots can be accommodated
  • Durable and strong material
  • Curved edges to protect your flooring
  • Rust-resistant material used


  • Not suitable for small pots

8. Truphe plant holder

TRUPHE Metal Planters Stand

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The Truphe pot stand is rectangular shaped with eight legs to add a supportive feature. This is designed to carry the weight of large and medium-size pots easily. The metal component is structured in a way to make it durable and strong. The product does not require any assembling. You just need to unbox the packet and it is ready to use. You can simply place it in vertical or horizontal directions in your garden or balcony. The plant rack is raised above from the ground at a good height to give access to easy cleaning. The weight capacity specified with the product is about 40-50 kilograms. You can place two large-sized pots or three medium-sized. The powder coating used in the stand keeps the metal rusting and corrosion-free. The dimensions of the product defined are 24 x 8 x 4 inches which ensure enough width to hold large pots. The product comes generally in black colour but you can buy other colours on customised orders.


  • User friendly
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Resistance to corrosion


  • Style quotient absent
  • Improper and uneven finishing

9. A-One two step plant holder

A-One two step plant holder

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A-One has introduced the two-step plant stand to compete with other products available in the market. The multiple-step plant stands are popular among many plant lovers who love to organise their pots elegantly. The product comes in a pack of two different strands of different heights raised above the ground. You can use both stands together as a multiple-step or can place them separately. The usage depends according to your requirements and space. The racks can be placed in a balcony, office gallery, rooftop, terrace or even in your living room. The plant stand does not require any assembling and can be readily made to use. The dimensions of the product are 50 x 24 x 30 centimetres. Each of the racks can hold the weight of 2-3 medium-sized pots. In the case of smaller pots, you can adjust even four. This pot stand consumes less space when placed together as steps and decently organizes your plants. The edges of the legs are welded properly and are rounded to add to the support and strength. This rounded edge also protects your flooring from any sort of damages.


  • Multiple-step
  • Both the stands can be used separately also
  • Value for money
  • Designed to hold heavy pots also


  • Generic finishing
  • The legs are not aligned properly and are uneven

10. Kundi tricycle plant stand

Kundi tricycle plant stand

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The tricycle plant stand by Kundi serves multiple purposes of decoration. This balcony outdoor plant stand resembles a European cart style with a modern touch and innovative design. It is in the form of a tricycle with three circular spaces to place your pots at different levels. The pot stand is designed to fit in every kind of a theme of home interiors. In the generation of social media enthusiasts, this stand can be a beautiful picture corner. Not only plants or flower pots but they can be decorated with lanterns, books, paintings, photos, trophies, etc. The tricycle has three extraordinary wheel designs but is immovable. It is composed of wrought iron and is made strong enough to bear weights of small flower pots. This plant stand is available in two basic colours – black and white. For all the people who show great interest in interior decorations, this is a must go for the option to add the element of elegance and class.


  • Stylish and elegant
  • Innovative design
  • A photography rich corner
  • Serves multiple purposes
  • Can adjust well in indoor and outdoor themes


  • Not for large-sized pots
  • Weight capacity not defined

Iron Vs Wooden Plant Stand In The Balcony

Whenever it comes to bringing vitality to space, nothing surpasses the presence of an indoor plant. A dash of greenery in our houses not only adds style and color but also makes our living and work area more breathable. So, shouldn’t they be given the attention they deserve?

Let’s understand both Iron and Wooden plant stand features

1. Iron plant stands

They provide our botanicals with the stage and limelight they deserve – provided, of course, that they are properly selected.

Planters on a multi-level planters stand for garden enthusiasts can be used to decorate and create an appealing appearance to your urban natural terrace or balcony garden. They can also be used to enlarge the landscape space & make gardening easier.

Iron stands are available in a variety of designs that can be utilized indoors, outdoors, and on patios.

2. Wooden plant stands

If you search you will find most of the indoor plant stands are made with wood material. The ideal type of wood for the planting stands will be indigenous that is resistant to the weather conditions that are widespread in your area, especially if you plan to use them outside.

If you are purchasing wood from a store shelf, search for pine, mango wood, rubberwood, oak, cedar, maple are popular among other types of wood. These are long-lasting, can withstand an occasional bump or two, and stain exceptionally well.

How To Choose The Best Plant Stands for balcony

Here are some tips to choose the good balcony plant stand:

→ 1. Design

The design of the plant stand is the key feature to observe when buying it, particularly for your balcony. The plant stands should consume less space as the balconies offer limited space. The multiple tiers or step designed is the most preferred one as it occupies less space. in addition, it also has a stylish appearance. The manufacturers offer various designs and colours with a range in sizes to fit in your interiors. The edges should be finished with proper welding and protect your flooring or tiles from any damages.

2. Quantity

The number of pots should be kept in mind before moving out to purchase a plant stand for your balcony. Different models in the market accommodate a different number of plant pots which also differs according to their size. You must check on the accommodation capacity of the plant stand before buying one for you.

For example, if you need a plant stand to place three medium or large-sized pots, you must go for a rack styled stand.

3. Weight Capacity

the weight of a flower pot combines the sum of the pot, soil and the plant. The plant stands offer varied weight capacities up to a maximum of 75 kilograms. You can easily place your large and extra-large pots on the stands with higher weight-bearing capabilities.

4. Durability

the composition of the product is an important element. Sometimes the design cannot bear the weight and start to bend. Therefore, the metal should be of high-quality iron to bear weights and keep the pots in place.

5. Rusting Free

The powder coating on the metal saves the product from rusting and corrosion. The products must be able to give a long-lasting experience even in extreme temperatures.


The choice of a perfect balcony plant stand depends on various factors- the space provided in your balcony or rooftop, the number of pots to be placed, type of railing, weight of the flower pots and the theme of your decor. The plant stands listed above have received positive responses from the buyers. These plant stands can serve multiple purposes for decoration both indoors and outdoors.

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