How To Use An Outdoor Plant Stand?

In the world of increasing pollution and unhealthy air, connecting yourself to the greenery seems like the perfect choice. Moving to a greenery rich area might not be a practical choice for everyone, but having plants and trees in your house garden can offer a solution to the current problem.

You can have plants inside and outside of your house, which will help you get effectively rid of polluted air, and you get to breathe fresh oxygen. Most people are shifting to the use of plant stands because they ensure a quality look to your house and save a ton of space at the same time.

If you are willing to install a plant stand outside your house, then it is necessary to learn about the right method and maintaining it. Plant stands are easy to maintain, but there are some issues that you might face throughout this journey. Here we are mentioning some of the common issues, and the methods to overcome them.

Tips for Installing Outdoor Plant Stands

Outdoor Plant Stands India

One of the easy methods to install an outdoor plant stand is by using the right type so that you don’t have any issue with the overall appearance. To begin, you should follow the given tips –

  • Always install the outdoor plant stand away from the pathway to your home. The sides which get enough light during the sunrise are perfect. Your plants will be growing at a faster rate.
  • To use the plant stand close to the front door, you can find plant stands with three shelves perfect for this job. You need to install the plant stand right next to the door, and it will be offering an excellent look.
  • Using a variety of plants to make your home appearance attractive is an easy and most loved method. You should use at least three different plants to ensure that you have a beautiful looking doorway.
  • You can install a hose that will automatically water all the plants, and this DIY method is easy. You need a small hose going toward all the plants, and you need to make some holes. Keep the hole small and close the hose from the end. When you will turn on the water, it will automatically water all the plants.
  • Always make sure that the outdoor plant stand is perfectly balanced and it doesn’t shake by slightly pushing it. If the plant stand is not stable, it might fall during strong air.
  • Try to find the aesthetic looking colour for the plant stand. Using dark colours is a widely preferred option, but it is not the perfect option in all situations. You can choose simple and faded colours which match the colour scheme to have a great look.
  • For effective maintenance, you should always check the primer or paint on the outdoor plant stand. Sometimes, the paint starts ripping off after a couple of months of use in direct sunlight. You should install a coating of rust-free paint to ensure better durability.

These are some of the easy to follow tips that you can take into consideration while using an outdoor plant stand.


If you are using an outdoor plant stand, then you must ensure that you check the chains as if it is a hanging plant. The chains are strong and don’t break, but due to extra weight, they might open up.

The second thing you can do to ensure better durability of plant stand is by keeping them away from water. During the rainy season, your plant stand must not remain in the water for too long.

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